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    Who is NOVA?


    NOVA was originally established by a vigorous team who is willing to shoulder social responsibility. The company was dedicated to a longer perspective of being a creator and revolutionary.

    The full name of our company is Shenzhen Nova Technology Limited It is a professional leading battery and solar panel manufacturer who possesses the expertise of making High Density Rechargeable Battery and High conversion efficiency Solar Panel in the world. Simultaneously, NOVA also involves in the development of new electronics

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    What is the developing process and history of NOVA?


    1. On 8th August,2007, Jiangxi Nova Electronics Co., Ltd was founded.

    2. On 1st January 2012, 44 AAA 1100mAh and AA2500 mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries were researched and developed by NOVA successfully passed the test of National Light-Industry Testing Center.

    3. In January 2012, NOVA was certified by ISO 9001:2008.

    4. In March 2012, NOVA established” Freudenberg separator (China) Test Center” with the cooperation of Germany Freudenberg Company.

    5. On May.28th,2012 , NOVA was recognized as “ High&New Technology Enterprise” by Shenzhen Municipal Government.

    6. In June 2012, NOVA’ ERP system formally came into use, being one of the few Battery Companies who utilize it.

    7. In July 2012, Nova started to implement 5-year JIT projects learned from Toyota.

    8. In September 2012, NOVA established “Xinfei Kelong Power Nickel Hydroxide Test Center”

    9. In October 2012, with the establishment of “Xiamen Tungsten Alloy Powder Test Center” , NOVA started to cooperate with Xiamen Tungsun.

    10. In November 2012, NOVA was rewarded as” Key Technology Enterprise in Bao’an District”

    11. In December 2012, NOVA promoted Ni-MH AA 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery, which is the highest capacity in this field.

    12. In March 2013, NOVA General Manager Mr. Andrew Ma was rewarded as “top ten outstanding youth” in Bao’an District, Shenzhen City.

    13. In October 2013, NOVA was prior rewarded as “The Enterprise with Self-made and Innovative Advantages.”

    14. In January 2014, NOVA launched ISO 14000 environment managing system.

    15. In Februray 2014, NOVA was rewarded as a role model enterprise for its” Sincere dialog between employee and employer with the mechanism of one goal ,three platforms”

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    Where is the location of NOVA office and factory?


    Building 1, Kehui Industry Park, Huarong Load 296, Dalang, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China 518109

    Line.1: +86-755-33137939     Line.2: +86 -755 -2104 7215

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    What’s NOVA main business scope?


    Nova is the manufacturer of rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery,Lithium ion Battery, Lithium Polymer, Home Energy Storage battery and solar panels.

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    What effect can the temperature bring to the battery performance?


    Among all the environmental elements, temperature has biggest effect on the battery performance. The electrochemical reactionon electrode / electrolyte interface is connected with the temperature. The electrode / electrolyte interface is considered to the heartof the battery.

    If the temperature gets lower, the reaction rate of the electrode also gets lower.

    If the battery voltage keeps invariable, the discharge current becomes lower, and also the power output will reduce.

    If the temperature goes up, the condition is reverse. That is, the battery's power output will increase.

    Temperature will also affect the speed of the transmission of the electrolyte.

    If the temperature goes up, the speed of transmission will be faster.

    If the temperature goes down, the speed of transmission will be slower.

    Tests shows the temperature also affect the capacity of the same battery.

    If the temperature goes up, the capacity will be higher.

    If the temperature gets lower, the capacity will be decreased.

    The battery performance will also be affected. But if the temperature become too high, the chemical balance inside the battery will be broken and side reaction will be caused.

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    What are the possible reasons if the rechargeable battery can not be charge?


    1. There is short-circuit caused by overcharge or over discharge.
    2. The battery is always over charge by too high current.
    3. There is internal short-circuited or slight short-circuited of the battery.
    4. The charging voltage is lower than the protection voltage

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