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Nova Dongguan factory is opened
Aug 28th,2018

Nova Dongguan factory is opened today, which expanded greatly our production capability and products category, the cells production capability of this plant is over 100,000pcs every day, battery packs production capability is over 60,000pcs per day

The product category of this plant includes lipo battery one stop production from cell to battery pack, 18650 li-ion battery pack, lifepo4 battery pack and related battery packs

Nova Dongguan factory covers over 10,000 square meters including office area, all the machines are new purchased from Japan, Taiwan and mainland China, especially the upgraded coating machine, baking machine, high temperature capacity machine will improve the density of the battery greatly and ensure the stable quality of the batteries

Nova Dongguan Lipo battery cell process:

1. Mixing 2. Coating 3. Rolling 4. Slitting 5. Pole piece forming 6. Winding 7. Assembling 8. Formation and capacity grading

Nova Dongguan battery pack process:

1.Consistency match 2. Cycle life test, voltage, impedance, charge and discharge test 3. Assembling 4. Cycle life test voltage, impedance, charge and discharge test 5. Drop and shock test 6. Package

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